A gummy smile, know as excess gingival display, is when the smile reveals more of the gums than the patient would like. Since it is a strictly aesthetic issue, it is also based on perspective. Usually it is considered as a gummy smile, when the visible gum is more than 2mm.

What can cause a gummy smile fluctuates:

  • A short upper lip.
  • Gum hypertrophy
  • A hyperactive that paper normal while in rest, however lifts too high while smile, thus exposing more gum than necessary.
  • An overgrowth of the upper jaw, also known as vertical maxillary excess
  • Teeth that appear short, due to an improper eruption and remain partially covered by gum tissue.
  • Teeth that are small compared to the gum whether natural or unnatural reasons

Why a laser?

Using a high energy laser can help when the reason for the gummy smile is gum hypertrophy Thus, using the laser, we can cut the excessive gum and shape it in order to make the new smile aesthetically pleasant. The treatment is quick, precise, painless and with a quick recovery.

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