Under which circumstances is a root canal treatment necessary?

The treatment is necessary in cases of pulpitis and periodontitis.

What are pulpitis and periodontitis?

Pulpitis is a developed in cases of pulp infections. A common symptom is a severe night tooth pain. On the other hand, periodontitis is developed when the bone surrounding the tooth root is infected.

Both cases require the penetration of the tooth and its pulp, thus treating the root canal.

What does the treatment look like?

A local anaesthesia is applied. Using borers the carious mass is well cleaned while reaching the pulp’s chamber where the root canals start. The root canals are mechanically and chemically treated. An irrigation is done, using different solutions, in order to disinfect and sterilise the root canals . After the inflammation is toned down, the root canals are filled and the tooth is ready for a photopolymer obturation, etc filling.

Innovations at Apex Dental Center

Some cases require a longer treatment, in order to normalise the infection inside the tooth and the surrounding tissue. For a faster recovery we use a photosensitive therapy on PACT 300, which leads to a quicker disinfection directly in the root system. In addition we apply different additional treatments with a low energy laser for an external impact of the tissue.

Will there be any post-treatment pain?

In some cases the root canal filling may lead to a slight sensitivity up to one to two days. If the discomfort decreases it is a sign of healing. However in case of increasing pain and discomfort, the patient must contact us and inform us. Pain and discomfort can be influenced by biostimulation with a low energy laser.

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