What is frenectomy?

This is a simple surgical procedure, cutting the frenulum, a small hold of tissue, in order to release it, which allows some additional movement to the tongue.  It is done mostly for orthodontic purposes. Тhere are two frenulums in the mouth, the first one is called labial frenulum. The superior labial frenulum is the soft tissue that attaches the upper lip to the anterior surface of the maxillary gingiva. This fold of connective tissue, also known as the maxillary labial frenulum, originates at the midline of the undersurface of the lip. While the other, which is under the tongue, is called lingual frenulum. The lingual frenulum is a fold of mucus membrane that’s located under the center portion of your tongue. If you look in the mirror and lift up your tongue, you’ll be able to see it. The lingual frenulum helps to anchor your tongue in your mouth. It can be performed on infants, children or adults. Frenectomy can improve the eating process, talking or orthodontic aligning.

Why a laser?

The conventional method would involve a scalpel, electrocautery or scissors, in addition to threads, which can lead to post treatment discomfort and the removal of threads. Thus, using the laser Er: YAG, no bleeding will be shown and no threads are required. As a reward, the patient can eat an ice cream, since the its cold nature calms the discomfort, in addition to the movement of the tongue will not allow the formation of a scar.

The treatment is fast, easy and with a minimal discomfort.

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