What is a retained wise tooth?

A wise tooth that has not fully erupt. Patients often will not see them since they are below the gum, however they can still give a hard time. It is common that a wise tooth is located horizontally, or diagonal, which can cause the misaligning of the rest of the teeth.

What does the surgery look like?

It is similar to the extraction of any other tooth, however in this case, is used a tool called piezotom, which makes the extraction easier.

Firstly a local anaesthesia is applied. Once the patient is under its influence, then the doctor proceeds to the extraction. Then they cut the gingiva, and the work with the piezotom. The wound is then treated and cleaned, while applying a collagen cone.

Recommendation after the surgery:

  • Antibiotics must be taken as instructed;
  • Using a mouthwash is highly advisable. Also avoid brushing around the stitches;
  • Using a higher pillow is recommended in order to avoid a swelling;
  • Eating softer food during the first days is advisable;
  • Avoid intense physical activities during the first days.

A slight pain is possible. In this case the patient may use a painkiller to help with the pain.

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