What is an implant?

An implant is an element made of titanium. A material that is biocompatible with the human organism. Using titanium, we construct all artificial joints, placed due to orthopedic reasons. The titanium intolerance among people is rare. Approximately 0,1% of people may be intolerant to titanium. The implant is installed in the bone and serves as a substitute to a root. After 6 months that an abutment is installed, which serves as a stump which then holds the crown.

When is an implant necessary?

Implants are needed when there are missing teeth and a patient does not want a movable  construction, or the incapability to do bridge.

How to maintain an implant?

  • We advise to avoid smoking;
  • A proper hygiene, brushing teeth twice a day using a special brush around the implants. Then using a mouthwash;
  • It is highly advisable to visit the doctor once a year for maintaining and monitoring.

What does the surgery look like?

A local anaesthesia is used. Then a gingival cut is made in order to visualise the bone. Using special borers the implant is installed into place. After the placement, the gingiva is cleaned and stitched.

After a period of six months, allowing the implant to osteointegrate and connect with the bone in order to be able to hold a crown. In six months, with a laser, we open the implant, in order to soften the trauma then we take а tooth print , in order to construct a bridge. In two to three weeks is ready to be cemented.

Recommendation after the implantation:

  • Antibiotics must be taken as, or if, instructed;
  • Using a mouthwash is highly advisable. Also avoid brushing around the stitches;
  • Using a higher pillow is recommended in order to avoid an outflow;
  • Eating softer food during the first days is advisable;
  • Avoid intense physical activities during the first days;
  • A slight pain is possible. In this case the patient may use a painkiller to help with the pain.

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