What is a caries and why it is crucial to take proper actions in time?

Among the most common oral illnesses is the cavity, also known as caries. Taking actions in time is mandatory for the oral health. A caries is a destructured tissue with a change in colour. Having several carious lesions may results in halitosis, or bad breath. With actions against a cavity is not taken, the destruction will gradually grow until it reaches a point of contact with the tooth’s pulp. At this point the treatment is more complex and may cause pulpitis which on the other hand would bring even further complications and additional root canals treatment.

What does the treatment look like?

Using borers, the carious destructured tissue is removed. In addition, the healthy walls are properly cleaned and shaped, which leads to the placement of the filling. The filling is made of photopolymerizing material, which is identical to the true colour of the tooth.

Can an anesthesia be used?

On patient demand, a terminal anaesthesia may be applied, in order to anesthize the local zone while the treatment is taking place.

Innovations at Apex Dental Center

Apex Iztok offers an innovative cavity treatment using a high energy laser. The laser beam vanishes the carious mass, thus removing it from the tooth painlessly and vibrationlessly.

Advantages of Laser:

  • An anesthetic effect is achieved, without the application of an anaesthesia, thus no pain;
  • No vibrations;
  • Faster results;
  • Limits the removal of healthy tooth tissue;

Will there be any post-treatment pain?

Cavities deepened inside the tooth must be treated with an applied anaesthesia. It may result in a post-treatment sensitivity. It may be positively affected using biostimulation, or we recommend using a remineralised tooth paste.

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